SESPOOL is the stage name of San Francisco singer, songwriter, and producer Sean E. After a decade in the Bay Area indie rock scene, most notably as the bassist of alt folk trio Rin Tin Tiger, he released his first solo full length album “(this love is) eternal” independently in July of 2019.

“His latest release is an experimental hip-hop album that finds him wildly crossing genre boundaries, spitting hard-edged, personal lyrics, and painting sonic murals on the minds of all who listen. Influenced by artists like Pink Floyd, Imogen Heap, and Travis Scott, Sespool has forged a style that intuitively blends rap, prog, and pop with his own personal headspace.” – Mike O’Cull

Sean E’s melancholic lyrics float in and out of synth-drenched soundscapes lead by hard hitting bass-heavy grooves and guitar. A new EP is in the works for summer 2020 and the first single “newsflash” dropped June 2.

“A perfect song for the emo kid who wants some psychedelic rock in the mix.” – The Other Side Reviews

“His new single “Newsflash” represents this genre-agnostic moment in rap. The beat is recognizably hip-hop, but the guitars could come from a mid-1990s alt-rock radio ballad, and its ever-mutating hook of a vocal track could fit on a ‘60s British Invasion single if you swapped out the 808s for guitars and live drums.” – 48 Hills